Wildfires and Fire Gel: Causes, Effects and the Solution!

Climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions is the number one reason considered and mostly claimed by environmentalists and experts to be the cause of wildfires occurrence. Without a doubt, the potential damage it may create can be devastating, aggravating and a total pain economically to the community, state or generally for the world’s sake. That is why, it is necessary to be knowledgeable and be aware of what could be the root of it. Let us help you determine the possible causes of wildfires and get to know how you can prevent it from happening or in worst case scenario – be able to subdue its’ fiery threats!

Causes of Wildfire

What could be the things that might have started the wildfire? It is more than just finding the culprits of such fire accident but more importantly, understanding what causes in order to put a stop of its’ potential risks.
• Humans. Humans are the main cause of wildfires. These wildfires are because of the cigarette left scattered, camp fires left unmonitored, as well as intentional act of lighting a fire.
• Burning wood pieces and junks. It is common to burn junks or trash in many places. Though it is legal, it can cause fire when things are not monitored and are out of hands. The burning debris can cause fires to get in touch with vegetation or trees and smother the entire farm or land quickly.
• Campfires. Camp fires are fun not until it starts to create wildfires and eat up to entire forest. Choose a safe for campfire away from ignitable objects. Keep a bucket of water always near to pour over after or for emergency.
• Cigarettes. Cigarettes are another common wildfire cause. Many people are used to throwing their cigarette buds wherever. Smokers must understand that their action will environment around. Negligence may result in putting the surroundings and other people in danger.
While most of the causes of wildfires is due to people and negligence, there are natural calamities that causes wildfires too, such as:
• Lightning. A type of lighting called “hot lightning” can cause wildfires. When it strikes, it produces a spark that creates fire when it hits the forest or a field.

• Volcanic eruptions. The hot lava from the volcanic eruption can cause wildfires.

Effects of Wildfires

Wildfires causes the loss of properties, homes, and worse, lives of people. It destroys everything like the soil, the vegetation, field, forest and houses. The poor animals living I the affected areas will not just lose their lives but for the survivors, their homes are destroyed. After the wildfires, cleaning operations, soil erosion, smoke and ashes are still a problem and cause major health problems.

The Solution – Wildfires and Fire Gel

Wildfire prevention is the top wildfire solution. Think ahead of time. Avoid the major causes of fires as much as possible. For safety precautions and measurements, better to have all the equipment ready in your buildings or homes in case there is a wild fire. However, in case you find yourself in a pinch of the fiery threat of wildfires, then you need to rely on the guaranteed effective solution – Fire Gel!
Fire Gels are actually top-of-the-range fire preventive tools you can conveniently trust. It is effective in stopping the fire and protecting everything it has covered. Barricade Fire Blocking Gel is a trusted brand and firefighting brand that helps and protects you in case of wildfire emergency. It has saved hundreds of lives which have been proven by countless successful jobs that can be testified by countless customers who had experienced using it. Unlike any other preventive measures, Fire Gel can be used and applied easily. No need to worry for complicated procedures or overly long manual instructions. Using a hose you can spray it on the area you want to cover. It stays and still effective for 24 hours.
So when you are in need of a firefighting product that is 100% guaranteed ready for any fire accident or wildfire, look no further! Call us and we are more than happy to show you how a big help Fire Gel is! Be fire smart! Be fire wise with Fire Gel!

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