Varying the Difference: Fire Gel vs Fire Foam for Wildfire Protection

Ever heard about Fire Gel? How about Fire Foam? How confident are you in terms of understanding their true potential? Are you looking for a wildfire protection solution? There are many fire retardants available in the market but not all of them are created the same. The fire protection solutions still depend on their use and your needs.  So here is the big difference between fire gels and fire foam. Get to know the difference of the two and find justification in regards to why fire gel is the best for wildfire protection!

The Power of Gels

Gels can be applied manually or through the use of hose. It is non-toxic and are safe to use. It should be applied to the surface of the things you want to protect. It can stay up to 24 hours. Gels are as effective as fire barrier. It is easy to remove and clean. Most of the firefighters recommend it because it’s convenience to use. You can apply fire gels right away even when the wildfire is happening. Gels are safe to use. It is eco-friendly too. Gels are perfect for pre-treating or suppressing fires.

The True Potential of Foams

Foams can be applied manually or automatically. It is composed of water, air and foam concentrate which is harmful to kids and pets. It only stays for 6-18 hours. Foams like protein foam are easily contaminated with flammable materials so it is still difficult to use it during a fire. Professionals should be the only ones to apply it to make sure that it is utilized properly.

For the protection of your homes and lives against fires, it is important that you talk to your chosen firefighting company offering solutions for you. Due to the convenience of fire gels, it is used by hundreds of people because they can use it in emergency cases anytime. Unlike Fire foam that you still need to set up and spray all over. You’ll get caught by fire due to the delayed time of preparation. Fire gels can last from 24 – 36 hours and maintain its effectiveness through re-wetting the surface it the gel is still adherent.

Fire foam is a more popular fire retardant or fire suppressant, but fire gel is the more effective one. Many firefighting agencies always recommend fire gel to homeowners because of its real fire protection result. There are many people using fire foam but once they used the fire gel, they keep on using it and never went back to fire foam due to the ease of use and true protection against fire it provides.

Barricade International offers Barricade fire blocking gel. It’s safe for the environment and people. You can guarantee not just the protection of your possessions but also the health of your family and community. We have professional and well-trained staff to help you pre-treat your home or properties against wildfire and other fire accidents. If you wish to protect your homes belongings and properties just to be safe, call us at Barricade International. We got the right fire gel solutions suitable to your needs. We’ll help educate you on how and when to use it to achieve its full fire protection.

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