Having a Clear Understanding of Aircraft Fire Protection

Fire can happen anytime, anywhere and fires on aircraft is not an exemption. That is why, never take Aviation Fire Safety lightly! Fire protection systems are installed and various fire safety measures are conducted to make sure that detection and protection of aircraft against fire break out are working and effective most especially in dire situations. Purposely, fire safety system is responsible for monitoring any conditions that might cause fire. As such, the systems are commonly composed of smoke detectors, hydraulic systems, visible and audible warnings in the cockpit.
However, there is still chance for potential fire break out in small aviation; that is why it is best to be sure that the fluid, heat, and air are all working in harmony since they are in close proximity. Keep in mind that the safety of the passengers and pilot is the first priority. Faulty systems in inevitable, therefore, better to be safe than to be sorry and filled by regrets. Aside from the systems that you are going to install, there are other aviation fire safety products you can also try and use.

Want to know what they are?

Compared to other products of countless companies, Barricade Blocking Gel is the top leading fire-fighting gel you can apply on aircrafts in order to secure not just the aircraft itself but also guarantee safety and protection for the people on it. Barricade International created this unique liquid concentration gel to help you handle fire situations effectively in relation to the fire safety and prevention process you need. If you want to have a safer flight, call us today!

Types of Aircraft Fire

How much do you know about the potential threats of fire accident on aircrafts? Let us be your guide in understanding the different aircraft fires that can possibly happen.
• Engine Fire. Engine fire can be contained by the aircraft fire detection and suppression system. However, in some circumstances, there behavior and size of fire cannot be controlled by onboard systems. It may lead for fire to spread to the wing and fuselage. Even when the fire is contained, there is still a chance that it will reignite. It is advisable that the aircraft will land as soon as possible to allow the crews to check on the engines.

• Cabin Fire. It can be detected early and controlled by crew by using the Fire-Fighting equipment. Just like an engine fire, it is advisable that the aircraft lands to support an examination in order determine the cause and evaluate the damages.

• Hidden Fire. It can be detected by fire detectors ir if the crew and passengers notice a smoke or fumes. This is the most dangerous fire type because of 2 reasons:
1. It is difficult to locate and access. The delayed time in locating and responding may cause further damage to the aircraft.
It is might be hard to instantly determine or confirm the type of aircraft fire. The decision for the crew to land is quite slow and crucial. The delay can cause serious fire break out which is not that safe anymore before the aircraft had the chance to land. However, by seeking the help of the Aircraft Fire Experts, you can be at ease and secure a guaranteed assurance!

What Makes Us the Best Aviation Fire Safety Service?

Fire in the aircraft is very hazardous. Without any precautionary measures, safety plans and aggressive crew to handle such fire accidents, it could lead to a catastrophic loss and lives in just a very small span of time. It is best to think and plan in advance. Take the necessary aviation fire safety maintenance. Install what is needed to be installed and seek for more advanced technology and products for double protection.
Unlike other service providers, Barricade International highly values workmanship and honest service! With our unbeatable reputation, over the years we have been the leading fire-fighting company that saved hundreds of lives and protected homes already! We take pride in our comprehensive and world-class fire blocking products that can be used in all sort of circumstances for almost everything like boats, homes and aircrafts. We provide the utmost care and protection for properties and life of people. We have extensive experience in handling and effectively contained countless fires. After all, we are proven reliable by many which you can freely checked with our testimonial page and from there you’ll get to see how we are your Most Trusted Partner for preventing and fighting fires!

How Barricade Fire Blocking Gel Works

It is important that whatever happens the aircraft and crew are always prepared. Before something bad happens, the fire-fighting equipment must be in the accessible place. Fire detector systems are in place and of course to always use other aviation fire safety products that will truly protect the possessions inside the aircrafts. We recommend you use the Barricade Fire Blocking Gel.
Barricade Blocking Gel is a liquid concentrate, when mixed with water, provides a dead-stop fire protection on everything (vinyl, wood, metal and other). It provides a unique, thermal-protective coating and it can even protect structures from burning when they are exposed to fire. The protective covering can last up to 24 hours or longer, depending on the weather. We also offer outstanding fire-fighting products suitable to any of the fire type you are facing. Barricade’s Home Fire Defense Kit enables a homeowner, using a standard garden hose, to take a safe and effective action when faced with a threatening fire in or around their house and property. Together our fire-gel formula and application systems provide the barricade for effective and economical “loss protection”.

Together with our professional staff to back up with our strategically-crafted products, we will give you the aviation fire safety solutions you need! We know how aviation industry is quite critical to handle. But rest assured, our fire prevention products can work to almost all materials, industries and scenarios! Not only our products are powerfully effective, they are also available at the most affordable price ever! You’ll get real value for what you will pay for! Call us today and discuss with a reliable staff to know more about us and our products.

We’ll be here at your aide no matter how high you might be at the sky! As long as it is about Aviation Fire Safety, WE ARE THE ONE you can Trust!

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