Fire Safety + Barricade Home Kit: Safer Home

Every year, there are hundreds of homes and thousands of lives lost because of house fires. There is a significant drop in the number of house fire each year but it still alarming.
When the household fires start, firefighters are not the first rescuers, it is you. Keep in mind that discussing house fire to each of your family members is not just something you talk about or simply take lightly as a subject. It is important that you are all aware and mindful of it because this will benefit all of you in case of emergency. Government departments and other non-government organizations are already educating safety tips; and as part of a community, we must cooperate. After all, it is our duty to care not just for ourselves or what we value but same goes for what surrounds us.

Fire Safety Equipment

Part of the Home Safety Measurement is making sure that you have the basic fire safety equipment safely stored and easily accessible in your home. This equipment can save lives and help in protecting your homes as much as possible. Here are some of the common or what could we say the tools that most people would seek as preventive measure. Though what you must have at your house and get to know as the reliable and effective precautionary measure against the fiery threats of fire is the Fire Safety + Barricade Home Kit!

Smoke Detectors

Fire alarms are a small part of your home and are always taken for granted. In fact, two-thirds of house deaths occur because the home doesn’t have a fire alarm or it isn’t working properly. That is why, put a stop on this and check your smoke detectors and alarms regularly. Smoke detectors and alarms is indeed one of the most important part in your home – do not take it lightly.

Escape Ladders

Is your home any higher than a single-story house? Or do you have basements? You badly need escape ladders. Escape ladders so you can easily escape your home when fire is inside or near you.

Barricade Home Kit

Barricade International is known for its effective and trusted fire blocking gel. Barricade home kit comes with everything that you need to apply Barricade Gel to your home. To have a Barricade Home Kit is a necessity for every home. It can protect and dead-stop the fire in your things and homes.
Barricade Home Kit has a Barricade gel and you can apply it using a garden hose. You can use it to coat eaves, walls, windows, roofs surrounding landscape and even vehicles. It can protect your properties from the threats of fires. You are sure that you can still have your belongings back while you and your family retreats to a safe place. The effect of the Barricade gel can last up to days just by re-misting with water.
When it comes to the safety of your family and your home, you should not compromise anything. Always be aware and ready for what may happen. You need to keep in mind the fire prevention tips and when the fire started already, you must be attentive to do what is necessary like using the Fire Safety + Barricade Home Kit!
Barricade served and saved thousands of lives. We offer the most effective fire blocking gel. If you are concerned enough for your family, home and community, be wise enough to act now. It is better to prevent than to regret. Call us at Barricade. We’ll enlighten you on what our Barricade Home Kit is, how it works and more house fire prevention and safety tips.

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