Eco-Friendly Fire Protection: Fire Retardant Spray

Fires are scary and dangerous. We all try to be as careful as possible to prevent fire accidents, but calamities such as wildfire is incontrollable. Following fire prevention tips are good since it helps us to prevent fires at home. However it isn’t enough excuse to be lenient and take precautionary measures. Why wait for an accident to happen? When the fire is already near your home, you are too occupied by panic and saving your life and your family’s lives. Bringing any of your belongings is not the first priority but you know you’ve got to do something. Well, you really can do something about it.

First, you have to make sure that all the family members and pets are out of the house and let them stay in a safer place. Call firefighters and police for help. If there is still time for you to save your home and things, go back and make sure that you have a fire-retardant spray with you. Spray on the things and fabrics that are most important. Once done, leave the area immediately and wait for the firefighters to get things done and remove the fires.


What is Fire Retardant Spray?

Fire retardant spray is a substance that is used to stop the spread of fire or decrease its intensity. Fire retardant sprays smother fires. There are some components of fire-retardant sprays that removes one of the compositions of fire which paralyzes the fire. Fire-retardant spray is an equipment to suppress fire. It is used by many fire services and commercial operations.

Fire retardant spray gel are non-toxic. It is eco-friendly. You can safely apply and spray it to your possessions safely. It has no harmful chemicals meaning it can be used to cover things without harming anyone, the animas or the environment. It is easy to clean too. Rest assured that you won’t risk your health because only the safest components are added to fire retardant spray gel. The manufacturers are also following protective measures and standards to make sure that there are no harmful effects in using the fire-retardant spray.

There are proven researches and studies that states the fire-retardants are “practically non-toxic”, it is indeed harmless to humans, animals, trees and vegetation according to some documents. Symptoms are limited to allergic reactions and skin and eye irritations. It is easy to clean up the fire-retardant spray gel but firefighters can help you clean up.

Barricade International is a known company for providing excellent fire-retardant gel and solutions. Barricade has helped hundreds of people in suppressing fires and wildfires. Each product is made with the best interest for providing excellent product to consumers. It followed the right standards and procedure to ensure the safety of the staff and those using it.

We have tested the products and many people will prove that aside from being an effective fire-retardant solution, your health and the environment is safe. Want to know more about us and the fire blocking solutions we have? Call us to discuss what suits you best. Act fast now!

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