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BARRICADE© Fire Blocking Gel Frequently Asked Questions

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What is NPE-free Barricade ® II?

Is NPE-Free Barricade ® II on the Forest Service Qualified Products List (QPL)?

What are NPEs and are they dangerous to animals or humans?

Other brands of fire gels claim they are safe because they have been approved by the US Forest Service. Since NPEs are Toxic, why are they approved for use?

I was told that the material safety data sheet (MSDS) is supposed to inform us about dangerous chemicals. Are these dangers disclosed on the MSDS of other brnads of fire gels?

How can I learn more about the hazards of NPEs that are found in other brands of fire gels?

Is Barricade safe to use? What do I need to be concerned about?

Is special protective gear required for mixing or applicaton?


Can Barricade extinguish magnesium fires?

Will the Barricade gel hurt the paint on my house?

Can I use a commercial system at my home?

Can I apply Barricade to my hay barn? How will it affect the quality of the hay?

How much Barricade do I need?

Do you have a video that shows how to use the QuikAtak and the AtakPak?

Do you have a video that shows how to use the home fire defense system?

How does the eductor nozzle work?

Where should I spray the Barricade when a fire is coming?

Can I use well or river/lake water?

Once I apply Barricade how long can I expect it to last?

How thick should the gel be applied?

How much water pressure (psi) do I need to use the home fire defense system?

How much reach do I have with the nozzle on the home kit?

Clean Up:

How do I clean up after using Barricade? 

How do I clean my home fire defense system after each use?


What is the shelf life of Barricade concentrate?

Does it hurt the Barricade concentrate if it freezes or gets too hot during storage?


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